Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Is it Mid-January Already?

Christmas is over, right? You see, I'm asking because I noticed that there are many houses around my city with full blown Christmas decorations adorning their homes. 
Normally, I wouldn't bat an eye at this, but the sight of multi-colored lights and fully decorated trees in windows have made me more than a little irritated this year. Am I wrong? Do you still have decorations that need to be boxed up?
Oh… r i g h t. My blog is still decorated for Christmas, you say? Umm… The thing is… You see… What had happened was…

I'll redecorate the blog before the month is over, I promise. Maybe.

But really - when is the lat day you should be allowed to have Christmas decorations up without attracting side eye glares from the neighbors?

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  1. Growing up, mom typically had ours down on Nee Years Day if not before. My rule of thumb is no later than the end of the first week in January. So far I've followed it, we'll see how it goes with two kiddies HA! There are people in our neighborhood with lights still up, too. I get it, I didn't want to take mine down either - the season was too short this year! - but seriously people, come on!!

  2. It starts to really concern me when people start changing out the ornaments on their tree… there is no such thing as an Easter tree! I hat to be a grinch, but Christmas is over. Haha


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