Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Looking Back

I never go back and read old posts from my blog. I'm usually working on the next post and taking care of work or home stuff that it never crosses my mind to read old posts.
Well, I was having a little writers block today. I had planned to write a mini-update on home decor, but the pictures weren't taken and the project ultimately was not 100% complete. Having nothing else planned out to write, I decided to see what I had written about in Januarys past.
This is what I came across: 
What will she look like? 
As soon as I found out about this little human inside me, I started daydreaming about her future.  I didn't even think twice about what she would actually look like... the little girl in my dreams looked like a mini me. Then reality hit me that she may look nothing like me at all. John's Korean genes may be so dominant that it will look like I adopted a little Korean girl. :( I fear the day that someone asks me where I adopted my baby. What do you say? I'm the one carrying her around for months... why can't she look more like me than John? 
My mom did point out an upside to her possibly dominant Korean traits. If she acts up in public, I can pretend like I am just the babysitter. :) 
Fortunately, we got a good look at her in a recent ultrasound and it looks like she may have my nose and pouty lips. If she has my lips, John is in big trouble. One look at him with those pouty lips and sad eyes and she will have him wrapped around her little finger. 
We are just going to have to wait until next month to find out what she will really look like. Can you believe that we only have 4 short weeks until she arrives?!
Back then, just 3 short years ago, my pregnant belly was about to burst along with my heart. It seems silly now to be so worried about the appearance of my little girl.

She certainly didn't look like me when she was born, but she could be my slightly exotic looking twin these days… especially with her mannerisms. And I just recently got the "Are you their nanny?" question this past summer. You know what, it didn't bother me at all.

It really doesn't matter at all if my girls look nothing like me, they're my babies and I love them with all of my being. Maybe I'll look back at my past post more often now, just to see how things have changed and put my worries back into perspective.


  1. Well, she is absolutely precious and adorable. And it must be so fun to see them as your doubles with their mannerisms! It really is interesting to look back on old posts.

    PS. You're in NC?! Me too!


  2. So interesting how your feelings have changed over time. But I guess that's a natural thing, isn't it? We grow along with our kids so it's not so crazy that our ideas and perspectives change too. You've inspired me to look back on my old posts... :)

  3. Love this, Quinn! I also love that you documented your feelings throughout those early days so you can look back on it from your new vantage point as mama to this lovely, lovely girl :)

  4. Thanks! I remember writing it & thinking "nobody is going to care about this" + "this just makes me sound ignorant", but I'm so glad I got those thought down. It's so funny to think how much things have changed in just 3 years

  5. Exactly! I really didn't think I had changed that much, then I started reading old posts… Motherhood has completely changed me! Not in a bad way (or good) just in a different way.

  6. Yes!

    I just hopped over to your blog & noticed you started a NC bloggers meet-up!! After reading other bloggers' adventures with meeting the bloggers of their city, I searched for one in my area and found nada. Love that you started one! And would love to join in on the fun. Are you in the Triangle?

  7. LOVE this post, she is so pretty!!! The cutest.

  8. I sure am!! Where are you? Would love to meet! And would love to have you come to our next meet-up as well!

  9. I'm in Durham. I just 'like' the NC Blogger Buzz Facebook page to keep updated on the next meet-up :) Would love to meet some NC bloggers in the area!

  10. Awesome! Well, we're planning the next mini-conference for late March...more details soon!! :)


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