Wednesday, January 22, 2014

He's a Keeper, For Sure

My husband can be sneaky sometimes. Normally, he gives away all of his secrets because he's just so excited. Then there are times like this where I suspect nothing and he surprises me out of the blue.

The mailman happened to be abnormally late on Tuesday, so he was home when I went to retrieve our mail. Funny thing happened - there was a package for my husband, but I glanced down to see it was from Fifth & Mae.
Now, Why would my husband be ordering something from a jewelry store? How did he even know about Fifth & Mae? Turns out he was snoop'n around on my blog. Remember when I wrote about my little wish list here. Yeah, he read it too. He ended up purchasing everything on my wish list (except the ring because it's sold out).

Not a belated Christmas gift. Not an early Valentine's Day gift. Just because. Getting all mushy mushy and sweet. :-)

I guess I'll keep him. 

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  1. LOVE. Don't you wish we could get weekly "just because" gifts? The jewelry is so cute!

  2. We should really be showered with gifts all the time! But, I'll settle for once in a while.


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