Thursday, January 23, 2014

Southern Snow Day

We don't get a lot of snow in the south, but when we do… the entire city usually shuts down. Seriously. For just ½ an inch of snow. Northerners think we're crazy. Maybe we are.

Anywho. It snowed on Tuesday night and the snow stayed around yesterday (it usually melts by noon). It was so cold that we only stayed out for a sad 20 minute or so. I blamed it on the baby, but truthfully I was the one who was freezing and wanted to go home.
The babies were bundled up in their big winter coats. Can I still call my (almost) 3 year old my baby? I vote Yes. Does it make sense to buy myself some new winter gear for the maybe 2 times we see snow in North Carolina? 

Poor Ellington wanted to make a snowman with the half ice / half snow… I tried to explain why it probably wouldn't work, but she insisted. And it didn't work, so we moved on to explore our tiny neighborhood playground. 
She wanted to slide down the snow covered slide. Unfortunately, it too was covered with ice. Not to worry. Ellington quickly recruited Winsley to help remove the ice and snow from the slides. That's my girl! Tricking your sister into working for you is rule numero uno of sisterhood. Okay, maybe it's not the number one rule, but it's in the handbook somewhere.

Hope everyone else stayed warm and enjoyed the snow (if you got any).

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  1. They are way too adorable all bundle up. It really is so cold, isn't it? I'm surprised you lasted 20 minutes...I can barely handle 5!

    And yes! I still call my 3 year old a baby. :)

  2. Such a cute post, the girls look so cute in all of their winter gear! We didn't get enough here to even warrant going out in, the time morning rolled around it was all gone. Sad!

  3. I spoke with a friend in a different part of Durham and they hardly got any snow either. It's so strange since we live so close.

  4. My oldest is very good at negotiating playground time + it's always "One more second, Mommy" Sometimes it's hard to say no :)

  5. Oh my word those baby pics are too cute for words. Where I live we dont get a lot of snow either, but when we do, everyone is out taking photos, its really exciting!

  6. It's hard to believe, but we just got our 2nd snow! NC weather has been crazy this year - 60 degrees on Monday and snow on Tuesday. It does make for a pretty photoshoot though :)


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