Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Little Luxuries

The day before my sister's wedding, we all went out to get our nails done and I have been staring at my toes ever since.  At first, I would glance down and do a double take because I thought I had stepped in something or there was a bug on my foot.  Nope.  Just beautifully painted toes!

I didn't realize, until now, that it had been almost 2 years since I had gotten my nails done or painted them myself.  When I was preggers, I didn't really want to go into a nail salon for fear of what those fumes would do to my little baby and painting my own toes was not an option since I could barely reach my feet to put on shoes.  And then I had the baby and there was just no time to go to a salon and even less time to let nail polish dry at home.

Needless to say, these 10 little painted toes have made me smile every morning.  So, I think I'll keep the paint on way past it's expiration date and then make a little time to watch nail polish dry at home in the coming weeks. :)

A little side note:  John and I were questioning how other parents got everything done and still had time for themselves the other night while we tried to wrangle a stubborn toddler into her PJs.  When we both came up with the answer at once... They have NANNIES!  Haha.


  1. Yeah...my nails are done at home constantly! And I've had a lot of practice so I've gotten pretty good at it by now!!
    The older Ellington gets, the easier the wrangling becomes. Before you know it, there will be hardly any wrangling left and you'll have some normal adult-feeling time...until baby number two comes along and you go right back to the beginning again!
    Your toes look beautiful :-)

  2. Tell John he has to watch her one night every other work and go get your toes done :) It's only like $20 for a pedicure! Or......he can take her somewhere for dinner and you can paint them yourself! Like a mini spa night :)


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