Friday, March 9, 2012

Something's Missing

This is it!  The first weekend that I have been away from the little one... (sigh).

At first, I was super excited!  Yay!  No baby means I get to sleep in and stay out late & drink more than 2 glasses of wine!
Then, I saw this super sweet faces... Boo!  No baby means no cuddle time and no baby hugs & no spontaneous laughing fits or dance parties. :(  I also have a little confession to make: I like to be in control!  Leaving Ellington in John's care (although, I know he knows what to do / not to do), scares the bejesus out of me - it's a technical term.

I am trying not to worry, but I start playing the 'what if' game and I just want to skip out on my weekend away to take care of my baby.  What if John forgets to change her diaper?  What if he doesn't wake up when she cries during the night (he is a very heavy sleeper)?  What if she needs her momma?  I know, I know... all very irrational fears.  I'm working on it.

When was the first time you were away from your little one?  Were you a worried hot mess of a momma too?  How did you stop worrying and relax?????


  1. Have fun! J had everything under control last night! She is such a happy baby! AND believe me, she will definitely let him know if she wants or needs anything. I am sure I went through the same thing when I left my babies (who are now off on a together having a "girls' weekend)! LYMI

  2. Ahh....the first time. Well, you're better than me. I didn't leave Henry for a weekend until he was, oh...2 1/2?! Crazy, I know. By that time I was fine with it but when I left him with my mom for short visits, I was a wreck. It wasn't so much that I was worried, it was that I missed him so much! It's hard letting go of control, I still struggle with it, but you always feel better when you come back home after being away. Those snuggles and hugs and giggles just feel and sound so much sweeter.

  3. If John forgot to change her diaper, I would REALLY worry about him!


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