Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What to do in Durham?

There are plenty of blogs and websites out there that give information on what there is to do around the Triangle.  But according to most of these sites, the only place to have any fun is in Raleigh.  Well, I am determined to show everyone that Durham is the place to be in the Triangle area.

This weekend, the activities are slim.  I am going to finally visit a historical site that I have passed by hundreds of time on the way home.  I know what you're thinking... Historical site? BORING!  This weekend should be a little more exciting because Bennett Place is recreating all of the excitement around the start of the Civil War, which started in October of 1861.  I totally knew that already or I may have just read that fact on the Bennett Place website.
Bennett Place
Image via Bennett Place
Details:  Bennett Place Road to Succession - 150th Anniversary Series
When:  October 8 (Saturday) 10am - 5pm  &  October 9 (Sunday) 10am - 3pm
Where:  4409 Bennett Memorial Road - Durham, NC 27705
What to Expect:  Military encampments, live music, dancing, a 19th century baseball game, wagon rides, wet-plate photography, and historical lectures about life during the early months of the Civil War.

Oh and it's FREE!  Did I forget to mention that?  I am going to try to pick something in the Durham area that is FREE to attend each weekend.  :)  Have any suggestions for next weekend? 


  1. I saw the picture before I read your post and I thought you were writing about horseback riding in Durham. I was about to be incredibly jealous! I think it's very cool you did this..the 19th century baseball game sounds awesome!

  2. I haven't been horseback riding in forever... that is on my to do list for next year. We didn't get to stay for the baseball game, but we still had lots of fun.


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