Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Where's my business trip?!

This entire week, I'm home alone with my girls. I'm totally fine with it and things have gone remarkably smooth until yesterday happened. The day started out great with a trip to the museum… and then it quickly got worse. 
The 3 year old missed her daddy and got very upset when I told her that she was wrong, he would not be coming home tomorrow. You know the day is not going to get any better when you start seriously arguing with a 3 year… and it looks like your losing.
Then the nearly 1 year old wouldn't leave my side like a monkey attached to the back of it's momma. Normally, I would mind her clingy tendencies, but things change a bit when your significant other isn't home to help with dinner or cleaning up.
Where's the conference for Stay-at-home moms? Let's start that | Kimchi & Sweet Tea
The day ended with me attempting to put the baby down 3 times before she finally settled down in her crib. Oh, and the toddler. The toddler. Without warning, she burst into tears at dinner because I gave her yogurt. I thought it would be a nice treat, but it was daddy's yogurt and she suddenly remembered that he wasn't home.
You may be wondering why I'm a single parent this week - Well, my husband is away at some fancy resort for a conference. Or so he says. I'm a bit skeptical because all he has talked about so far has been all of the fancy restaurant food he is eating. You know, the type of restaurants where you don't dare take kids. 
This got me thinking - Where's the conference for stay at home moms? Sure, I could plan a trip, but I'd have to pay for that myself. I'm going to need a conference where I can get my hotel + meals funded fully. There's a grant for this type of thing, right? All of the stay at home moms could travel to some fancy resort to learn about being a stay at home mom during the day and sleep a full 8 hours at night + eat a meal without being rushed + shower in peace. Please tell me that this dream conference exists.
If not, I'll have to plan it during my free time. Haha. Free time. We'll have lots of that during my conference. Who's with me?


  1. I know quite a few SAHMs who would TOTALLY jump on board with this conference :) I can only imagine how awesome it would be! Sometimes I just want a conference from life...

  2. I agree SAHMs should have a way to take some time off and relax. I hope you get some peace soon: )

  3. Um...this is kind of brilliant! There should absolutely be "business trips" for SAHMs. And why is there not already? If anyone could plan it, you could. I bet you could get some serious sponsors b/c every SAHM in America would want to attend. It is a GREAT idea. :)

  4. Think of some sponsors we could contact for sponsorship. We can brainstorm some conference topics, activities, etc. I can help you with staffing those and scheduling. And don't forget goody bags. This is right down my alley from when I was a trainer.

  5. Oh so many days I wished! Thanks for the chuckle. I know you weren't in the moment.

  6. I've been on a hunt for a great one. i've only come across a couple of "premier" ones but they're meant for bloggers and entrepreneurs ... that's great, but why? what about the mamas that are solely invested in just the kids and being home aka me. there's a dad's convention, no prerequisites ... just being a dad. please help me find one or recruit me to start one with you!! i WILL spend for a short getaway of mandatory spa treatments, yoga, keynote speakers and workshops and perusing resources for parenting aids and shopping kickstarter projects and the newest and latest at an expo.

  7. that's actually a really good idea!! except it would need funding from somewhere.. maybe a really wealthy SAHM! maybe the closest thing is a mommy blogger conference.


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