Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sick Days

Has sickness been going around your house? We are hanging on by a tissue over here. The only things that helped us get to Sunday were my mom (thanks for visiting Mommo) and bottomless cups of coffee. 

So, instead of watching the Super Bowl, we are hoarding kleenex and warming up by the humidifier while dreaming of a day when we can smell again (and sleep again). 

Surely, nobody will be checking in today, but if you happen to be reading this… any tips to help get baby over a cold? She is the only one that can't really take any of the congestion relief medicines. Poor thing.

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  1. So sorry you all are sick!!! I hope that everyone starts to feel better soon. When Lilly was that little, I typically just did everything I could to keep the snot out. We have a nose frida, which I know the concept is gross but it is seriously better than any other thing I found. I would make sure to suction her out good as needed, especially after bath when everything was loose. We also put a humidifier in her room and used Vicks plug-ins, which are amazing. Good luck!!!

  2. We have the nose firda (it's actually my go-to gift for new parents because it WORKS!) and the humidifier is in her room, but she is still just so miserable. :( I might have to run out this afternoon for the Vick's plug-in if nap time doesn't go well.

  3. Feel better girl! Tis the season for sickness, I just am feeling better after having something for afew weeks.


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