Friday, August 2, 2013

Snail Mail Collective | July 2013

For the past month I've been getting to know a new blogger from across the country - all as part of an amazing little thing called The Snail Mail Collective put together by two of my favorite bloggers, Melyssa + Chelsea. Basically, you are paired up with a blogger and get to know them over the month before sending off a little snail mail package. Oh, and there is a $5 limit of the gifts you choose to send to keep things in everyone's budget. Plus, I think the $ limit really pushes you to get creative with your purchases. There is also a theme each month to help you decide what to send. July's theme was 'Where you're from'
I was paired up with Rachel who blogs over at Tossing the Script. I don't know whether she would agree or not, but I've decided that we are just alike and totally different. Let me explain. We are the same age + have similar interest and somewhat similar personalities, but we are on totally different paths in life. Through this tough season of mommyhood, reading her blog has made me think of what life would be like if I had chosen a different path. Not in a bad I-hate-my-life way, just a little curiosity of what my thirties would look like if I weren't married with kids. I'd like to think that my life would look a lot like Rachel's - exploring my city and enjoying the little things with good friends. I guess I'm doing that now, but it's completely different when you have a husband and little ones to think about too. 

You should read all of Rachel's posts, but read this one if you only have time for one post. And can you believe that she has only been blogging for 3 months?! Go show her some love. I know I'll be back each week to catch up on her blogging shenanigans. 
Yummy Moonstruck Chocolate! I just maybe devoured my chocolate bar before snapping a picture, so this is from their website. . . along with some other deliciousness that I may have to order. 
Back to The Snail Mail Collective. Her package came at the perfect time, in the middle of a rough week in mommyhood. I already knew (through our emails) that chocolate was on it's way! The chocolate arrived melted - which didn't bother me in the least. I would have licked that paper clean in my moment of mommyhood weakness, but I had a nosey toddler eyeing my treat. I quickly tucked the chocolate bar away in the freezer and started counting down the minutes until it was time to get the kiddos ready for bed. 
Unfortunately, this meant that I reluctantly had to share my treat with the husband after Ellington was asleep. It was probably for the best. That incredibly delicious chocolate bar was well worth the calories!   Added bonus - Ellington loves the postcard that Rachel sent along with the chocolate. She walks around the house 'reading' it in her toddler talk - entertaining and adorable. 

Read all about Rachel's take on The Snail Mail Collective here

If you are a blogger (or just a blog reader - no need to have a blog), I highly encourage you to go sign up for The Snail Mail Collective in August! It's a great way to challenge your creativity + meet new blogging friends + receive some fun snail mail. Just do it! You're welcome. 
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  1. You are just full of awesome idea. This so cool and what a great thing for bloggers (and sounds pretty easy). Also, I often wonder what my life would be like if I had kids now. Grass is always greener sometimes. We have to just keep enjoying where we are at. Pros and Cons with each lifestyle, right? Great post. I want to sign up for this Snail Mail Collective.

  2. Awww, I loved reading this and also your reflections on the different path you could have taken -- just as curiosity. I have a couple of friends who are like that now... where we are diverging off into separate directions, even though we started from a very similar place (and similar personalities).

    Also, I saw Rachel's post and I really loved the package you sent her, too! :) YAY!

  3. Aw, you are just too sweet! I love that Ellington likes the postcard- that is way too stinking cute! I hadn't considered that the chocolate would melt, but I'm glad you were able to enjoy it anyway!

  4. Thanks, Erika! Sometimes it's fun to imagine what life could have been like - like how one random decision could have changed everything. :)

  5. 'Grass is always greener' for sure. I hope you signed up for Snail Mail Collective! It is so much fun :)

  6. I actually did sign up and I have been emailing with this great gal from California. It is SO much fun! Thanks for the idea!!

  7. Oooh, that chocolate looks/sounds delicious -- and I love the postcard and bookmark! I'm dying to get to the West Coast to see Multnomah Falls. One of these days . . .

  8. The chocolate was incredible! I wish I would have savored it more, but I just had to eat it all at once - super yummy!


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