Thursday, June 27, 2013

Clean Eating: A Bump in the Road

It's been a rough couple of weeks. Not rough for me or my family, but definitely rough for my eating habits and health if I continue down this path.

It all started with that wonderfully relaxing beach vacation. I did what most people do, I took the week off from eating healthy and stuffed my face with all of the junk that I had just spent weeks training my body not to crave. When we got back from the beach, I made excuse after excuse to continue sneaking in the junk and then I spent a week in Charlotte with my mom. It was great to spend time with her, but I ended up eating a bunch of sugar filled treats that she no longer wanted in her house. Darn you, SUGAR!!
A Sugar Addicts struggle with Clean Eating
I have gained 3 pounds, which isn't that bad, but it has just added to the reasoning behind my excuses. I keep thinking 'I've only gained a few pounds, so it's okay if I have that candy bar - I'll get back on track tomorrow'. I know I'm not the only one whose tomorrow turns into 4 weeks off the wagon. I feel awful and tired all of the time. Even though I am eating all of the foods that represent comfort and joy, my husband would probably agree that I have have been Mrs. Grumpy-pants with a capitol G.

So, today is the day I get back on track. Green smoothies in the morning and clean eating all day long. I have learned that even a drop of sugar will cause me to start the excuses. Goodbye sugar - you taste so yummy, but you are not a very good influence. Back to the basics - fruit, veggies, yogurt, and protein for this lady over the next few weeks.


  1. Girl I feel you! I'm just gearing up for a month long sugar purge myself. It's vacation time in August, and I want to make sure I keep the lbs off!

  2. Miwa @ cranes and cloversJune 27, 2013 at 8:59 AM

    I eat way too much sugar... I should probably consider this too. Though I doubt I'd last a day! But I do love green smoothies ;) Just started though and haven't figured out what works/tastes best. Any yummy recipes?

  3. It is definitely a struggle to quit sugar! But it has been so worth it to me. I have tons of recipes to share. . . check back next week and I'll have a few of my go-to smoothies listed :)

  4. Benefits to living the ex-pat life: You get to spend a month on vacation while visiting family in the states :) Good luck on the sugar purge!

  5. I was just about to google info on giving up sugar and how to start, and was procrastinating when I went on bloglovin and saw this post! Perfect motivation. I'm already vegan and love juicing but sugar is my nemesis. I have the biggest sweet tooth plus sugar is in SO much stuff that doesn't seem bad for you.. ah! I'm on it! Good luck :)

  6. Sugar has definitely been the toughest part about cleaning up my diet! I am just discovering and experimenting with dates to sweeten food instead of sweetener. I'm sure it won't taste the same, but it sure will be healthier :)


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