Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Wedding Anniversary

It feels like John and I have been together for decades and we kind of have, well, one decade. This year will mark 12 years since we started dating. But, today we will be celebrating 4 years since we said 'I do'. 
I'm still crazy in love with that boy that I fell in love with in high school and absolutely adore the man he has become. Here's to many many more years of wedded chaos!


  1. i love the chart! i did the same thing on our wedding anniversary last year. a great way to remember all the big moments of marriage! congrats!

    here's the one i did:

  2. Apologies, I've just realised you make prints for your shop and therefore telling me how to make one myself is probably not something you want to do. I'll just have to get my creative on and try and make something with a biro and some paper! Great inspiration though!

  3. No apologies needed. I'm working on a semi-tutorial for tomorrow's blog post on how to easily create this print. I use photoshop, but there are many other programs out there (I previously have used a free version of GIMP). Once you get the hang of the program you use, it is really easy to whip something up. Digital prints are like many things in life. . . Anyone can learn how to DIY one with a little bit of time + research, but some people prefer to buy something pre made and be done with it. :)

  4. I forgot we got married on the same day! We celebrated 4 years on June 20 too. :) Special day! Congrats to you guys.

  5. Happy Anniversary Whitney! I have met like 3 other people who were also married on that same day. Guess we picked a winner :)


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