Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Just a Quick Note...

A print from my Etsy shop was mentioned on the blog Two Birds Boutique today!   I am beyond thrilled that they found my little shop interesting enough to feature on their blog.  The two lovely ladies who write the blog also featured a few other amazing Etsy sellers who are offering up a portion of their profits to benefit the families affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy.  Go check them out here.

AND if you love fashion, a look through the Two Birds Boutique is not a bad idea.  These two fashonistas are lovers of nice things and great deals - the best of both worlds!  I took a quick look around their blog and I am already in love with their style.  I find it hard to mix vintage & new or even just wear multiple prints, but these ladies are magicians when it comes to pulling an outfit together.  I could definitely learn a thing or two... or ten from reading this blog!

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