Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Home Decor Dilemma

We are moving into our new home in about 2 weeks and I have been trying to get things organized and ordered before we move in... the keyword here is trying.  Unfortunately, I have have been failing miserably.

You see, I love color!  Mainly, jewel tones with lots of blues and greens.  I thought that I knew my home decor style, but everything I create in my little idea book looks more like a college dorm and less like a comfy casual adult home.  :-/  Pinterest has also led to this design dilemma.  I looked at some of my home decor Pinterest boards to get a little inspiration and realized that almost everything I pinned was neutral.  Previously, I thought of an all neutral room as boring or dull, but according to Pinterest... neutral is what I like.

So, What's a girl to do?  In this case, I've decided to live with what we've got for a while and just buy a few simple pieces until I can really figure out what I want in this new home.  This means... no painting walls, no tossing old furniture, no buy trendy chevron rugs.  Just purchasing a few fun accessories and working with what I've got.  And what I've got is this...
Any ideas of what direction to pursue first would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Same here....love color but I now realize that neutral may be the way to go! My designer friends all have neutral bases in their houses and just pops of color. Their furnishings never go out of style!

  2. Agreed re: neutral base with colorful accessories -- go for jewel-tones in your curtains, pillows, etc! By the way, I recommend houzz for lots of ideas...like pinterest but much more inspiring for design/decor!


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