Tuesday, November 27, 2012

California Dreamin'

Our big trip to California started with a very early wake up call to get to the airport in time for Ellington's first airplane ride.  I was so excited to see her reaction to take-off / landing, but she seemed very unimpressed with the whole thing.  We stared out the airplane window as we took off and I said 'Ellington, look!  We are leaving the ground.'  Her response: 'Truck'  She saw a much more interesting truck driving around on the tarmac and then she turned to me to grab my phone and started taking the first of 100 photos.  Her new favorite activity is taking pictures and saying 'cheese' with each photo... Does this me I might be a bit of a momarazzi?  
After taking photos, reading a few books, singing, playing with painter's tape (a great tip from my mom's friends), and a brief crying episode, Ellington slept like - well, like a baby for the rest of the flight.  Later that day, we ate a very yummy Thanksgiving dinner with the Yi's and the Kim's (my sister-in-laws boyfriend and his family).
Day#2 brought us to the Chinese Theater for a little tourist action... Not really something I plan on doing again.  The creepy characters roaming around outside were a bit too much for this protective momma.
Is was a bit fun to see all of the footprints / handprints from famous people, but the crowds were horrendous.  I think this might just be a once in a lifetime visit for the Yi family.
We had planned a closer visit to the Hollywood sign, but decided it would look the same from a distance.  And I got a great shot of our tour guide (Momo's boyfriend) and Momo (what Elli calls my sister-in-law).  This was taken right before I discovered that I had failed to charge my camera. Whoops. The next batch of photos might not be the best quality because they are iPhone photos, but that's not really what matters right?
We ended our day at the Santa Monica pier.  It was a little chilly and very foggy. 
Due to Ellington's fear on our local carousel, we decided to skip the rides at the amusement park.  Besides, we weren't prepared for the cold weather, so we quickly walked down the pier for a photo op and then through the park before heading back to the car.
 Poor little Ellington was freezing and a bit confused as to why we woke her up to take more pictures.
She definitely perked up when Momo and Brian won her a monkey at the amusement park.  As you can see, several of us tried before the monkey was actually won.  In the end, it was a combined effort. :)  We had a great second day, but I couldn't wait to climb into bed and get a good nights sleep!


  1. Quinn, not sure if you got my random email a couple of weeks ago...but I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading your blog these past few years. The fact that you were in California last week pushed me to write a comment instead (just in case my email got filtered out). I wrote on October 9 to your gmail account from the "contact me" area of the blog. Sending warm regards your way -- happy holidays!

  2. Thanks for reading Audra! I just found your email & have now emailed you back :)


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