Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1% Changes - Working Out

(Sigh) This seems like an endless cycle in my life. I get all excited about a workout video or a class and then I miss a couple of days and a couple of days turn into a few weeks. Suddenly, I am back on the couch in clothes that are meant to be worn in the gym. I am more determined than ever to end this cycle. Any advice?

I have already gained a Friday morning workout friend (one of the moms in Ellington's play group) and I am encouraged to get out more in the morning. I have found that the morning is the best time for me to workout because it isn't as hot and Ellington is more willing to enjoy the ride in the stroller.

Let's hope my brain is finally transformed (along with my body) and I become one of those people who really likes to workout. I want to be one of those people! :)

1 comment:

  1. Set your running shoes directly in front of you on your side of the bed. If they're the first thing you see in the morning, chances are they will be the first thing you think about. Good luck!


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