Wednesday, May 25, 2011

1% Changes - Week One

On my quest to get my body back, I have decided that I need to finally make a change in my diet for good (& because I do all of the grocery shopping, John's diet will change too). I have tried this in the past and failed miserably, so I am going to commit to one small change a week (1% change)

After reading the fantastic idea that Jessi over at Naptime Diaries had, I am excited and more optimistic about finally changing for good. I have even planned out what 'change' will occur for the next 8 weeks & more ideas are flooding in as I type this.

I am starting the lifestyle changes very small because I already have so many unhealthy things in the pantry/fridge & I just can't bring myself to throw food away before it's expiration date. Maybe I am just making excuses because I want a couple more weeks with my oh-so-yummy-but-oh-so-unhealthy foods.

This week's 1% change: NO EXTRA SALT! I almost slipped up this morning while fixing my eggs for breakfast. I reach over for the salt & pepper, but I resisted the urge to sprinkle the salt shaker.

PS. Who decided that we needed a heat wave? 94 degrees in Spring?! Really?!


  1. Oh honey, I hear ya. I'm only 2 1/2 months in but since this is my second child that I've nursed, I'm finding myself so impatient! Everyone's body is different but with both my kids I've found that mine tends to hold on to 10-15 pounds until the nursing slows down and there's nothing I can do about it. So maybe you're the same way? I'm sure you look great though!

  2. With me, the weight seemed to fall off immediately... but what's left is a jiggly mess. I am hoping that ditching the bad bloat-enhancing foods will help encourage a trip to the gym :)


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