Sunday, July 18, 2010

Is there anything that a Classic Coca-Cola can't cure?

Recently, I've had a few bad migraines and I am trying very hard not to cure them with meds. It has been rough, but I have the sweetest husband who will go get a Classic Coke at 10 pm. The first time I requested one, he brought back a can of Coke. :( Although I was grateful, it just wasn't the same as a Coke in a glass bottle. I tried to explain to him that it just taste different, but he wasn't convinced. Nevertheless, he found a store in Birmingham that sold classic Coke in a glass bottle and stocked up for next time.

I don't know if the secret is in the glass bottle itself or it just takes me back to a comfortable place where my grandpa would hand over a Coke in a glass bottle for the cure to a stomach ache. Nowadays, whenever I'm ill (headache/cough & cold/stomach ache), all I want is a Classic Coca-Cola in a glass bottle. It seems to cure all of my illnesses and reminds of simple times with my Papa.


  1. Papa did believe Coke helped almost everything and he really loved the small ones in the glass bottles. It's in your blood.

  2. A very strange side effect of the latest drug I am on for TN is that Coke tastes like it is flat. It is SOOOO weird. I threw 3 Diet Cokes away and thought the Coke delivery man at church had some kind of sick conspiracy going on before I found out that it really was a side effect. Coke without fizz pretty much stinks!!


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